What do I know about haunted hotels or ghostly guests of a Tennessee Hotel? Quite a bit to be honest. Ghosts in hotels aren’t as uncommon as you may like to believe, and that does not mean a person died there.

People carry baggage with them into hotels. Including the kind that goes bump in the night.

From August 2009 through October 2010 I worked as a night auditor at a major hotel brand in the general Nashville area. This was the first new job experience I’ve had since bursting into the real job field (outside of working on my uncle’s fifty-acre farm) in 1995.  Back in ’95, I became the first employee of an Aluminum smelter in my hometown, where I remained until they were closed down in the early summer of 2009. 

But we’ll get to that another time.

This is about my personal experiences with energy-based beings (either once alive humans or other entities) while working as a night auditor.  

Motel Suicides

The original intent was for me to work the night audit between the management’s two branded hotels.  One was a nice, and large hotel.  The other was a little seedier, as it was a cheap motel.  The kind tons of folks enjoy staying at for a great value to their dollar.

Though the first night of work was at this motel location, the management decided they wanted me full time at their pricier location.

Which was fine by me! During my stay at this other place, being trained, etc, my coworkers told me there was a suicide close to once a month at this location.  The people didn’t want their family members to witness their gruesome death, or to clean up their remains.

Haunted Confessions of a Night Auditor 

As my mind wanders back through the canals of time, the first experience came within the first week of working the night shift.  One responsibility of a night auditor is delivery of newspapers to the preferred guests first and any remaining copies can be placed under doors at random or set aside at a table in the front foyer.   

Veiled Woman

This incident occurred either on the first or second night of such deliveries.  I ascended through the floors via elevator, upon reaching the third floor, as soon as the elevator opened there was a floating head of a woman wearing a veil (perhaps a wedding veil) and she was in front of me! 

Disappearing Guest

My night shifts were Sunday-Thursday, so there were a few days off.  My work night began as I walked into the hotel around a quarter till eleven in the evening, chit-chatting with my co-worker (whichever was working that evening) usually it was my good friend Holly; who I would talk with about my personal experiences of little things captured outside the corner of my eyes.

On coming back to work one evening after being off I performed my usual chores including running the end of day business night audit program; printing out all checkouts for that morning (which I would place under each door). 

After making my rounds of delivering checkout invoices, I came back to the front desk area.  There was a man whom I had seen a couple of times before as he checked in with his wife several days prior and they were staying in town for a while.  This early morning hour, he was wearing a grey suit and sitting in one of our front foyer armchairs.  We looked at each other momentarily;  I waved and went to the open kitchen area to replenish the juice machines. 

I could still see him sitting there, watching me and sometimes just looking around, but then something I did not expect to happen… did. 

The guy disappeared! 

No footsteps, no sound of anything that would otherwise be heard if a person had gotten up from the chair and walked anywhere.  Granted, I could have missed him getting up and going back to his room (I knew they were still in the system).

As morning came around my manager came in and I told her what I had seen (the guy’s name now escapes me) and her jaw dropped.  That’s when I learned the gentleman I had seen, wearing a suit, he died a day before I came back.