Negative Entities

The next impressive, but dark encounter happened with an entity that I call a “Negative”.  

I would later reach out to one of my former guests, and a friend, Von Braschler about what I had encountered and his response is one that I’ll share at the end of this blog.  But it was one that became the catalyst for my resigning from the hotel business.

This encounter occurred as I was running the nightly audit software (which I usually did 15-30 minutes after midnight) and as I was standing at the desk entering all the information, clicking the checkboxes of data I wanted ran… I peered up as I had seen something in front of me.   

Are Negatives a Ghost or Something Else

Right in front of the front desk was a mirror on a wall, and with the placement, you could see down the hall right beside the office area.  What I clearly saw was a black shadow figure in the shape of a human being walking up the hall towards the kitchen area.  At first, I figured my eyes must have been deceiving me, and that I should go and greet the guest.  

I left the office area (with keys wrapped around my wrist as the ownership always demanded we keep everything locked up) and what I had seen was definitely not a guest, but a negative entity.  

It was ink black, void of any color.  But it was not void of intelligence.  It was in front of me as clear as the tables in the breakfast area.  

Now after that encounter I quickly made my way back to the office area, saying a few prayers.  I’m not one to get scared, but this thing was sending off nasty, negative energy.  It would also explain why my coworkers during this period were exhibiting peculiar behavior themselves. Such as coming to work drunk; something one co-worker had never before done—until this thing came around.

For now, these are my accounts of these experiences. I may eventually edit and add elaborate more if I feel the need is there for such.   The above accounts are one-hundred percent accurate.

After my experiences as a night auditor, I believe that a hotel itself may not be haunted. Rather the hauntings may be tied to guests, and the invisible occupants or additional baggage are being checked in along with the living. Those of us who are alive sometimes carry things with us that we may not perceive.  Some people have energy attached to them. When they check into a hotel, that energy does not necessarily remain confined to the person they are attached to.

Such as if the person is asleep.  The entity may roam hoping to either torment others or to explore their current whereabouts.

Von Brashler

Last year I spoke with Von Braschler about my encounter with this entity that I call, a Negative. If they are grouped together they can form a band called “The Negatives”, and be pretty f’ing awesome as a rock band singing about the damnation of your soul. More to come…