The original plan was to begin producing the Mysterious Matters program four nights a week, beginning on July 15th. That obviously did not happen, and some of the guests I did forget to send emails out in order to postpone our interviews. That wasn’t very professional of me, but of that, I was not concerned about at the time.

I’ve already discussed, on Facebook, why the show did not happen. Essentially, my aunt died and then my wife’s aunt went into a diabetic coma on July 23rd. She passed away on August 12th.
It has been a long past couple of months. When you are faced with life, things take a backseat and ofttimes causes you to be forgetful about everything else except for the emergency at hand. That’s pretty much what happened.

Going forward I’m unsure of whether Mysterious Matters will return or if we’ll simply call it The Bob Bain Show. Either way, a podcast will be returning in September. The current plan is to release one upwards of three episodes a month, until I can rebuild some relationships with previously booked guests.

While some have been very understanding, others were less. But that is perfectly fine. If I run a show as professionally as I once did, you expect it to continue running accordingly. Sometimes though, life happens.

To those guests, I send my most heartfelt apologies. To the fans/listeners, I send the same to you. Whatever comes forth in the future of my podcast journey, it will be more relaxed and will utilize a handheld recorder with a lav mic.

I’m just me.
Going forward that’s what you will be getting.