In the past blogging hadn’t quite been on my mind as a proper venue for using as an expression of inner thoughts.  After all, from 2013 until last year, I was a podcaster and an extremely popular one at that! 

Some of the past guests whom I’ve had the pleasure to sit down and chat with have included people such as theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, Astronomer Bob Berman, and former Scientologists Ron Miscavige/Karen De La Carriere. 

My thoughts were often blurted out in front of a live microphone—granted disjointed at times—but still, it was my method of expression. 

And did I ever express myself! 
From the first few phone calls received on open lines to the time my voice cracked with deep sorrow announcing that my dad passed away; communication was always at the forefront of the Bob Bain brand. 

That tradition continues with this blog.

Gone are the days of dreading the hour-long conversations (stage fright is real and encroaches itself upon you, even if you’re not doing a live show) and the laborious editing of multiple channels worth of audio too are long a distant memory which I hope to never return.   
Not to even mention the time devoted to writing show notes and creating video editions for our YouTube channel.

But that does not mean there won’t be podcasts released for this blog.  Only that the podcasts released will be whenever the mood strikes, and will mostly be a solo podcast or blogcast if you prefer; which you can subscribe to directly from this website.

Mysterious Matters Podcast

Mysterious Matters will continue in blog posts (and shorter 45-minute podcasts), as will Creepy Matters (User submitted True Ghost Stories). 

I hope you place in your favorites list, bookmark us, and continue visiting on a weekly basis! The goal is to have one new article per week on anything from the realm of thoughtgasms, mysterious matters, creepy matters, and anything in-between.

In the marvelous words of Stan Lee I leave you with: